Hello world!

There are many different challenges that we face throughout our lives. Some are harder than others, and at times these challenges can look really difficult or almost impossible to do. However, the main idea of life is to conquer challenges and once we achieve one of these challenges we feel fulfilled and extremely happy.  There are moments when we are afraid to face a certain challenge, we get scared and run away. I know this because it has happened to me before. Many times I could not face my challenges, but one day I had no choice but to face the biggest challenge of my life. Being a new immigrant to United States and New York City, I did not know a single world of English. I was very confused and at times I was lost. The new life style and culture of New York City was completely different and complicated from the life style and culture that I have grew up in. This time I knew that I could not give up I had to challenge myself to work hard and to learn English as soon as I could.

Once I started learning the new language, I felt like I was getting dizzy, but I knew that I had to learn English if I wanted to succeed in life. Therefore, I took all this laziness and put it away, and began to study hard every day. During the first month I learned new words such as: I, You, He, She, It, We, and They. Once I mastered those words, I moved on to the next step which was to learn the verb “to be” and then I moved on to learning the regular verbs.This progress of learning took me exactly 6 months, during which I faced many other obstacles. First, I had to realize that I was without a penny in my pocket to start with. When my mom and I arrived to New York we arrived with only a hundred dollars in our pockets and a suit case filled with our clothes. We were told that we were welcomed in my mom’s sister’s house, so we went there and stayed there for the first six months.  Even though, it was very difficult, I managed to work and study at home with the books I borrowed from the public library, all at the same time. I never looked back or changed my mind about the goals that I have set in front of me.

For me learning the new language was a constant work that I had to do wherever I was, even while working at work, also socializing with my coworkers was great practice. One day while I was working, a coworker told me about CUNY. I had no idea what he was talking about, CUNY? What was that?  He explained to me that it was the public university of New York. After he told me this information I started to look for more information about the schools and its programs. Later I discovered that CUNY was more than just one university it was more than twenty colleges and universities. I found out that they had ESL programs, so I applied to one of the programs. Around May 2009 I received a letter from the CUNY. I had to take a test in order to get accepted in to the school. A test was something new for me, I did not expect to succeed in passing it, because I was not sure if the knowledge that I had was enough. Therefore, I had to study harder and harder each day for the upcoming exam. The day of the exam I was very nervous and scare that the  same time I became very confident in my knowledge. Three weeks later, after I have taken my exam, I received another letter from the CUNY. In this letter they told me that I got accepted to LaGuardia Community College.

A new chapter opened up in my life, as I started classes in fall of 2 009. It has been almost one year since I began learning English. During this year I took several courses such as ESL097, ESL098, ESL099 and I finish ENG099. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. When I first started these classes I knew that it was just a little step in a long path. During the whole time I did my best even though at times I felt exhausted. Some time the classes were so hard that I was actually thinking of quitting. However, I had worked so hard that giving up was a luxury that I couldn’t afford.

After all this time I could say that I have matured. Now I am facing bigger and more difficult challenges. Now that I have some English knowledge, I am planning to get my BA and then my MA. I know it is hard, but there is nothing easy in this life and that’s the spicy side of life. The bigger the challenge the bigger it’s the reward.